Aug 19

The scenario is this, you want to create a Host profile with vProfile and then have that profile applied to all new servers as they come online. We will use the VMware Host Hardening Guidelines as our example vProfile. We will then schedule this for all the existing hosts and then use this for any new hosts that come online.

Let’s start by using the default ESX_DISA_SECURITY Profile that comes with vProfile.

  1. Launch Configuration Management, in the VMC.

  2. Select Host > Profiles
    1. Bind a Profile to a Host > Click Profiles

    2. Select the desired Profile.

    3. Now create the Host Binding:

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Aug 17

What happens when there is a disaster and you have to get your infrastructure back up and running as quickly as possible?   Let’s assume that we are on the same page and talking about VMware, especially ESX hosts. Most, if not all organizations already have an existing Disaster Recovery plan in place – but how many of those plans include these new hosts running virtualization?  Do you have a plan to get them back up and running – EXACTLY HOW THEY WERE – in a matter of minutes?  Let me tell you how you can do it with vProfile.

The scenario includes three locations— could be two, but I like odd numbers, so three it is. Atlanta is our HQ, Dallas is our HQ2, and Denver is our DR site. As we have witnessed in the past there are number of man-made or natural disasters that interrupt services. This time Atlanta is hit with another monster storm, with a monster tornado and wipes out our Atlanta HQ site. Using the Reflex vProfile we can go back to the VMC, extract the properties and set values from the downed servers, and then apply those properties and values to our newly built (or already running standby) ESX hosts, which reside in our St. Louis DR site.

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Mar 24


In mid 2008 our first major venture into Virtualization Management was a set of features around discovery, visualization, and monitoring of the virtual infrastructure. That set of features has now been bundled into a bundle called  vWatch. In Mid 2009, we then introduced a set of features around securing the virtual infrastructure called vTrust. Since then we’ve been busy building the next major component of the End-to-End Reflex VMC Management platform was announced today and is called vProfile.

vProfile provides a set of User Interface and System components on top of a single tightly integrated Virtualization CMDB framework that significantly improves the ability to visualize, manage, and control a Virtualization Infrastructure. The vProfile product page provides some high level bullets of the features so I’m instead going to spend a lot of time on the in-depth functionality, design, and architecture here.
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Aaron Bawcom is the Chief Technology Officer for Reflex Systems, a provider of end-to-end virtualization management solutions based out of Atlanta, GA. Contact him at

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Mar 09

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