Mar 06

Cloud Computing_HiResLots of buzz around big data and cloud these days.  Thinking about how the technologies of big data, virtualization and cloud intersect is also being trumpeted by many of the big IT vendors.

Reflex has always seen virtualization as an opportunity to do things differently.  The scale of large enterprise virtualization implementations and the trajectory of virtualization, not to mention cloud, creates an interesting big data question.

“Can the tools of yesterday’s data center be adapted to operate efficiently in this new environment?”

We think the answer is no. At best, they will “function”, but what they wont be able to do is take advantage of the wealth of information available to extend the value of virtualization and eventually cloud.

I recently wrote an article for Enterprise Systems Journal that discusses the general concept.  If you’re familiar with Reflex it will be obvious that we are serious about the intersection and have developed some really cool technologies to leverage the big data of virtualization in our VMC product. Much of what I discuss in the article is materializing in our products.

The two primary technologies are the evolution of the VQL language and our more recent introduction of Complex Event Processing technology with a VQL/Virtualization specific implementation.  It is through this focus that we have proven our common platform for virtualization management at enterprise scale.

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