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What would a deployment of over 6 million virtual machines look like? The picture to the right is 10,000 nodes so multiply that by 600. Today we announced that Savvis (NASDAQ:SVVS) has selected Reflex to provide virtual security infrastructure for their new Project Spirit offering. The Reflex vTrust software will be deployed in tandem in the Savvis cloud with the Cisco Nexus 1000V creating a highly scalable cloud infrastructure. Savvis has over 1.4 million square feet of raised floor so if you did some back of the envelope extrapolation, made some assumptions on hardware, and considered every square foot could be used for virtualization hosting, which would never happen but is kind of fun to think about, Savvis could theoretically run over 6 million virtual machines across their existing 28 data centers. Managing the security in that large of an environment presents some pretty tough challenges.

savvis As Phil Koen, CEO of Savvis, has stated, “Without a doubt, security is a single largest customer concern around Cloud.” In addition John Chambers has stated that cloud computing “is a security nightmare and it can’t be handled in traditional ways.” John is right; solving the cloud security problem has been quite challenging. We definitely did not take a traditional approach and instead came up with a very dynamic policy model that can scale to large environments. The Savvis selection of Reflex is a testament to the intellectual property that has been built into the Reflex VMC solution using the vTrust technology and made possible by the new VMsafe technology built into vSphere by VMware.

One of the exciting new possibilities about Savvis and other service providers running the Reflex VMC solution internally is the ability to dynamically move virtual machines between the environments. With the addition of the new VMware vCloud API, VMware has opened up a great foundation for moving virtual machines between your enterprise and the cloud. What Reflex is adding to the vCloud initiative is automating the transfer of sophisticated internal security policy to/from the cloud. Automated security policy transfer means that no matter where virtual machines may live as a part of an application, the security policy of the virtual machines travels with them. This type of policy movement does not make any assumptions about the applications themselves but instead assumes a raw IaaS type of service offering.

To hear more about how VMware, Reflex, and Savvis are working together to advance the state of cloud computing, feel free to register for our joint webinar on October 6th:

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    Great article, headline, and interesting points about: security, change management, policies and how they tie back to cloud operations

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